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ADDRESS  267 FLATBUSH AVENUE  |  BROOKLYN, NY  |  718-622-2224
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Morgan’s Barbecue opened in September 2013 after long-time friends and coworkers Joel Bolden and Chris Morgan decided to bring their shared passions to life in the form of a laid back, neighborhood friendly, Texas-style barbecue restaurant.

Hailing from Port Authur, Texas, Chris developed his love of southern cooking from his family, whose culinary background extends back several generations. After working for a few years renovating houses and bar tending in Houston, he decided to try his handy work in Brooklyn, where he built and owned his first restaurant, Brooklyn Public.

Born in Boston and raised in Brooklyn, Joel returned to the city after attending school in Washington DC, where he also played Division I basketball and taught at a local high school. Shortly after his return, he began working in the restaurant industry, managing a variety of locales in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Brooklyn for over ten years.

As luck would have it, on his search for a new bar manager, Joel met Chris and immediately took to his work ethic and charm with customers.

While their dreams vary slightly (Joel, still hoping to join the Knicks, and Chris, wanting to be known for the best beard in Brooklyn), and hail from drastically different backgrounds, Bolden and Morgan share similar passions for their families, food, and also working diligently to maximize the enjoyment of those around them. With this vision in mind, and over 20 years of industry experience between them, they set out to create a place that welcomed all comers with a relaxed atmosphere, high-quality comfort food, and a friendly staff.
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Sun-Wed 11am-12am
Thurs 11am-1a
Fri-Sat 11am-2am
Sat & Sun 11am-4pm
Sandwich & Sides service 4pm-5pm
267 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Corner of St. Marks & Flatbush
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